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  1. 100 ksi-160 ksi Yield | CMC Impact Metals | Commercial Metals , ksi yield

    100 ksi-160 ksi Yield About Us; Services; Heat Treating Processes; High Strength Structural Products; Flat Bar Gr 80-130; Flat Bar AR 400; Angle 50-100 ksi; Armor & Ballistic Steel Plate; Military Specifications; Commercial Armor Grades; Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate; AR400F; AR450; AR500F; AR600; High Strength Plate Products; 100 ksi-160 ksi Yield; TruFLAT Plate Products

  2. 140ksi Steel Plate - 960mpa Yield Strength | Leeco Steel, LLC

    140ksi Steel Plate 140 ksi steel plate & 960 MPa is a high-strength, structural grade plate steel used in applications that require greater design strength. 140 ksi offers a higher min-yield (140 ksi) and tensile strength (142 ksi), combined with good toughness, excellent weldability and formability.

  3. 4140HW Alloy Steel Technical Data

    Yield strengths range from 110 ksi through 140 ksi, but we can temper it to other strength levels. When compared with standard 4140 heat treated to the same tensile and yield strengths, 4140HW achieves significantly higher toughness, as measured by impact strength (see Figure 9). 4140HW combines medium carbon content with high-end chromium,

  4. A572 Structural, Carbon & HSLA Steel Plate - Chapel Steel

    A high-strength low-alloy steel plate that is utilized in a variety of structural applications. This specification is produced in Grades 42, 50, 55, 60 & 65, the grades representing the yield strength. Plates that are 4 and thicker are made to a 42 KSI yield, although material can be modified to reach the 50 KSI min yield.

  5. AISI 1018 Steel, cold drawn - MatWeb, ksi yield

    AISI 1018 Steel, cold drawn Categories: Metal; Ferrous Metal; Carbon Steel; AISI 1000 Series Steel; Low Carbon Steel. Material Notes: Medium low-carbon steel, has good weldability and slightly better machinability than the lower carbon steels.

  6. API 5L Line Pipe Physical Properties, Yield Strength, Tensile , ksi yield

    API 5L Line Pipe Physical Properties Line pipe grade designations come from API Spec 5L Specification for Line Pipe. Standard Line Pipe has grade designation A and B. Stronger grades have the designation X followed by the specified minimum yield strength of the pipe steel, measured in kilopounds per square inch (abbreviated ksi), e.g. X60 for , ksi yield

  7. API Casing Grades - An Overview | Sovonex

    API 5CT steel grades mainly differ in their yield strength, tensile strength, and hardness. In this overview we describe these properties for each casing grade and explain why some grades are are more suitable for use in corrosive or high-pressure environments than others.

  8. ASTM A992 - Wikipedia

    The industry's technical institute describes the standard thus: "ASTM A992 (Fy = 50 ksi, Fu = 65 ksi) is the preferred material specification for wide-flange shapes, having replaced ASTM A36 and A572 grade 50. There are a couple of noteworthy enhancements with ASTM A992.

  9. Brinell/Rockwell/Tensile Chart - Robert James Sales, Inc.

    The contents of this website are presented for information purposes only, and while effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not to be contrived as warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, regarding the products or services described herein or their use or applicability.

  10. Convert Ksi to Megapascal - unit converters

    Instant free online tool for ksi to megapascal conversion or vice versa. The ksi [ksi] to megapascal [MPa] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. Also, explore tools to convert ksi or megapascal to other pressure units or learn more about pressure conversions.

  11. Convert ksi to Mpa - Conversion of Measurement Units

    5 ksi to Mpa = 34.47379 Mpa. 10 ksi to Mpa = 68.94757 Mpa. 15 ksi to Mpa = 103.42136 Mpa. 20 ksi to Mpa = 137.89515 Mpa. 25 ksi to Mpa = 172.36893 Mpa. 30 ksi to Mpa = 206.84272 Mpa. 40 ksi to Mpa = 275.79029 Mpa. 50 ksi to Mpa = 344.73786 Mpa Want other units? You can do the reverse unit conversion from Mpa to ksi, or enter any two units below:

  12. Convert KSI to MPA | Chapel Steel

    conversion calculators Inches to Millimeters Millimeters to Inches Pounds to Kilograms Kilograms to Pounds Metric Tons to Pounds Metric Tons to Tons Fahrenheit to Celsius Celsius to Fahrenheit ft/lbs to Joules Joules to ft/lbs MPa to psi psi to MPa MPa to ksi ksi to MPa

  13. Convert ksi to psi - Conversion of Measurement Units

    1 ksi to psi = 1000 psi. 2 ksi to psi = 2000 psi. 3 ksi to psi = 3000 psi. 4 ksi to psi = 4000 psi. 5 ksi to psi = 5000 psi. 6 ksi to psi = 6000 psi. 7 ksi to psi = 7000 psi. 8 ksi to psi = 8000 psi. 9 ksi to psi = 9000 psi. 10 ksi to psi = 10000 psi Want other units? You can do the reverse unit conversion from psi to ksi, or enter any two units below:

  14. Convert Ksi to Psi - unit converters

    Instant free online tool for ksi to psi conversion or vice versa. The ksi [ksi] to psi [psi] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. Also, explore tools to convert ksi or psi to other pressure units or learn more about pressure conversions.

  15. Convert psi [psi] <> ksi [ksi] Common Unit Converters , ksi yield

    Astronauts and pilots who have to work at high altitudes use pressure suits to compensate for the low air pressure. Full-pressure suits are used in space, while partial-pressure suits, which provide counter-pressure and assist breathing at high altitude are used by pilots.

  16. Delta Steel, Inc. - Plate

    Welcome to Delta Steel, Inc., one of the largest service centers in the southwestern United States consisting of an excellent management team and dedicated professionals throughout.

  17. HSSHollow Structural Sections - Steel Tube Institute

    More area available for design and a higher min yield means that HSS are more economic and more efficient. Maximum specified yield stress of 70 ksi The maximum yield will result in a lower expected yield strength (RyFy) and reduce capacity design requirements and column required strengths in seismic designs.

  18. ksi yield

    100 ksi yield strength steel sheet with 100 ksi yield ksi yield strength what does ksi yield strength mean 50 ksi yield plate ksi yield strength definition wire reinforcement 80 ksi yield strength chart ksi yield strength of steel

  19. Mechanics of Materials-Steel

    well-defined yield point or yield plateau in the curve. To define the yield strength, a stress at the point of unloading that corresponds to a strain of 0.002 is used. This method of determining the yield strength is called the 0.2% offset method. The two properties usually needed for steel design are F u and F y

  20. Metals & Materials Specs | Products | ProFab Steel Solutions

    (97 mil.) 57ksi yield strength / 65 ksi tensile strength / G-90 galvanized coating 10ga. (30 mil.) 33ksi yield strength / 45 ksi tensile strength / G-40 galvanized coating

  21. Stainless Steel - Yield and Tensile Strength

    Yield Strength, Tensile Strength and Ductility Values for Stainless Steels: Material: Yield Strength: Tensile Strength % Elong. MPa (ksi) MPa (ksi) Stainless Steel Alloy 304 Hot finished and annealed : 205 (30) (min) 515 (75) (min) 40 (min) Stainless Steel Alloy 304 Cold worked (1/4 Hard) 515 (75) (min) 860 (125) (min) 10 (min)

  22. steelwise Keeping tabs on ASTM specifications aRE yOU , ksi yield

    u = 67 ksi. h if desired, maximum yield stress of 65 ksi and maximum yield-to-tensile strength ratio of 0.85 can be specified (per astM supple-mentary requirement s75). i a maximum yield-to-tensile strength ratio of 0.85 and carbon equivalent formula are included as mandatory in astM a992. j for shapes with a flange thick-ness greater than 2 in , ksi yield

  23. Strength Requirements by Grades - packerfastener, ksi yield

    Strength Requirements by Grades. Yield strength , or working load limit, is the amount of stress a material can withstand without permanent deformation. Tensile strength is the maximum amount of axial stress that a material can take before breaking. All strength measurements are in ksi (kilo-pound per square inch).

  24. Tensile/Yield Calculator (MPa to PSI) - Brown Metals Company

    Cut-to-length Shearing Is Just One Service We Offer Our Customers. With over one million pounds of inventory on hand at any given time, our customers obviously have a lot to choose from.

  25. Tensile / Yield Strength of Steel Chart - amesweb.info

    Yield Strength, Tensile Strength and Ductility Values for Steels at Room Temperature: Material: Yield Strength: Tensile Strength % Elong. MPa (ksi) MPa (ksi) Steel Alloy A36 - Hot rolled: 220 - 250 (32 - 36) 400 - 500 (58 - 72.5) 23: Steel Alloy 1020 - Hot rolled: 210 (30) (min) 380 (55) (min) 25 (min) Steel Alloy 1020 - Cold drawn: 350 (51) (min) 420 (61) (min) 15 (min)

  26. Tensile Strength Calculator | Tensile Strength Unit Converter

    (i.e.,) The maximum force taken by a rope to point till it breaks is the tensile strength of the force. It is measured with units : Newtons/Millimeter Squared (N/mm 2), Megapascals (MPa), KiloPascals(KPa), Pounds Per Square Inch(Psi), Thousands of Pounds Per Square Inch (Ksi). Select the unit from which you want to convert and enter the value , ksi yield

  27. Ultimate tensile strength - Wikipedia

    Ultimate tensile strength (UTS), often shortened to tensile strength (TS), ultimate strength, or Ftu within equations, is the capacity of a material or structure to withstand loads tending to elongate, as opposed to compressive strength, which withstands loads tending to reduce size.

  28. What Does "KSI" Mean in Steel? | Reference, ksi yield

    KSI is an abbreviation for kilopounds per square inch, or 1,000 pounds per square inch. It is a measure of the tensile strength of steel. Keep Learning.

  29. What does KSI mean when it pertains to tensile strength , ksi yield

    Mechanical properties for SAE 1008 steel are Tensile strength 340 MPa 49300 psi, Yield strength (depending on temper) 285 MPa 41300 psi, Bulk modulus (typical for steel) 200 GPa 29000 ksi, Shear , ksi yield

  30. What Is KSI Tensile Strength? | Reference, ksi yield

    A: The KSI is used to express the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of any material. Steel with a UTS of 60,000 pounds per square inch could also be expressed as 60 KSI, with the "K" representing kilo or thousand. Sometimes, the UTS can be found expressed in Mpa or megapascals.

  31. What is the Tensile Strength of Steel | All Metals & Forge Group

    A metals yield strength and ultimate tensile strength values are expressed in tons per square inch, pounds per square inch or thousand pounds (KSI) per square inch. For example, a tensile strength of a steel that can withstand 40,000 pounds of force per square inch may be expressed as 40,000 PSI or 40 KSI (with K being the denominator for , ksi yield

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